General Health Screening

  • Medical Screening

    • H&P

    • Portable ultrasound, EKG, Glucose Test Kits, etc.

  • Social History

    •  Risk stratification for case coordination

Medical and essential services 

  • Wound Care

  • Medication Management

    • Over the counter and prescription medication.

  • Braces, slings, compression socks, hygiene kits, etc.

Education & Counseling

  • Motivational interviewing

    • Facilitated by an addiction specialist and/or counselor

  • Provide information about medical conditions & healthcare system

Building Trust 

  • Kits and Items

  • Empathetic listening; Volunteerism

    • Footwashing station, Delivering meals, etc

  • Counseling services

Case Coordination

  • Brokerage Model 

  • Longitudinal Follow Up


Area of Operations

What Do Street Rounds Look Like?

See Brett Feldman PA-C, a director of the street medicine institute, lead street rounds in California.

We'll be adding a video guide of our own street outreach soon!

Our Workflow

Custom EMR built REDCap

Every week before street rounds, we review all patient agreements, medical notes, and case management updates. Each individual service plan is synthesized into a priority patient list for that week’s street rounds. Then, our street team leaders guide a multidisciplinary team (physicians, researchers, mental health professional, and case workers) out to meet our patients under bridges and in encampments to follow up with each person. In other words, we go to the people.