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Partner organizations may request curbside check ups for their patients through the Street Check Up Request Form.


​How it works

  • If a patient is successfully located during a street run, our Case Coordinator will greet the patient and verify that he/she is involved with the partner organization. 

  • The Care Coordinator should then direct the conversation based on the goal of the checkup. Goals of requested check ups could include: reconnecting patient with partner org, inquiring about missed appointments, notifying patient of updates. 

    • Example: Missed appointments with Camillus Health:​​

  • Care Coordinator should gather as much information as the patient is willing to share, and document in the patient's RedCap form so it can be communicated back with the partner organization.

  • Care Coordinator can then see if the patient is interested in a Medical Intake/Street care or Social Intake if appropriate.


Follow-Up With Community Partner

  • If contact was made with the patient, the Case Coordinator at that street run should follow-up with the community partner, and provide any relevant information gathered from the encounter. We will then remove the patient from priority patient list unless the community partner indicates that additional check-ups are necessary. Each check-up request should have newly defined goals for the encounter.


Failure to locate patient

  • If a patient is not located after 3 street runs, he/she/they will be removed from the priority patient list. The Case Coordinator should contact the partner organization to inform them that the patient could not be located. 

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