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Miami Street Medicine
Research Lab.

The primary functions of MSM are in healing, justice, and solidarity - we do not exist to create scholarly work. However, we still believe there is some obligation to raise awareness of the health consequences of chronic unsheltered homelessness, create dialogue within the field, and formally evaluate and advance the street medicine healthcare delivery model. These are goals but not primary motives. Thank you for engaging with our work. 

Research Faculty & Mentors

Research Staff


Emily Eachus

Director of Research


Kyla Schwartz

Lab Manager




Ongoing Research


Hypertension & Housing Status

The prevalence of hypertension is increasing in the United States, with certain populations experiencing higher rates than others. If uncontrolled and chronic, hypertension can lead to a myriad of cardiovascular issues, increasing population level morbidity and mortality rates. Homeless populations have been known to have chronically high blood pressure values. In this project the overarching aim is to investigate the effect of unsheltered vs sheltered homelessness and its downstream effect on blood pressure levels. Suhas Seshadri, Taha Rasul, Dan Bergholz, and Armen Henderson MD, analyzed baseline blood pressure characteristics analysis on the unsheltered homeless population that the Miami Street Medicine team serves. Alana Moore and Orly Morgan will take next step in evaluating these results compared to readings in local shelter populations, under the guidance of Saraswati Iobst MD. The goal of the project is to indicate the concrete association of being housed resulting in improved health outcomes. We are seeing that vital signs improve without the constant stress of being unsheltered. 

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Our Publications

We have provided all of our scientific publications available here for free to the public and street medicine community. 

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